Podcast 2 : Zoo Keeper

Hello again!  – Many thanks for the feedback we have received so far.

This show’s game had mixed opinions from Victor and Alex, but it all worked out in the end. Zeke finally got all his animals back in the zoo!
Below are the usual show notes and interesting links etc.
We’ve had no competition yet – so please comment on the game with your hi scores. If enough people show an interest, we’ll get a separate page up with them on.

Zoo Keeper Wiki
Zoo Keeper Strategy Guide
Arcade Flyer Alternative
Arcade Flyer
Taito ‘Diet Cabs’
Alex’s Wall Of Nintendo Goodness
Pac Man Christmas Lamp
Ms Pac Man Assembly Line Video
New Intro / Outro Music By Awesome Band Iris
No Quarter Review of Zoo Keeper

Alex’s score – 197000
Victor’s score – 273130


  1. Another wicked podcast!
    Cant thank you guys enough 🙂
    Ive just re downloaded ubuntu an signed up for downloads but it will only download 12 to 21, does anyone know how to download the first bunch?
    I want my new 10p Podcast folder to be full 🙂
    Cheers Guys
    PS, love the RGP vid 🙂

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