Podcast 1 : Pirate Ship Higemaru

Hello and welcome to the first Ten Pence Arcade podcast – it’s a bit rough round the edges! Hopefully we’ll improve as time goes on and our technology is boosted.  Below you will find the show notes and links from our first podcast.  Our hi scores are at the bottom of the post – please chime in with your hi scores from this game by leaving a comment  on the post.

Pirate Ship Higemaru Wiki
Pirate Ship Higemaru Strategy Guide 
Arcade Flyer
Makai Island discussion and download

Alex’s score – 44100
Victor’s score – 187300 (playing after the podcast, I managed 278450!)


  1. Congrats on the launch of TPA! About time you Brits got your own arcade podcast, instead of leaving up to us Colonial commoners. 😉

    Well done on your first episode, and all the best for many, many more.

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