Podcast 87 : Phoenix

At last! Another stone cold classic that has taken ages to get to – but are the listeners united in our thoughts or are the ‘features’ just too much to take? LAIR OF THE HATEBEAKS!!! SKRAAAWR!

New biscuit song!

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 18m 25s
Pickups – 27m 07s
Victorian Insults – 33m 01s
Feedback – 34m 34s
Shout Outs! – 50m 14s
SHAUN’S Tech Tips – 57m 30s
Top 100 Games List – 1h 02m 51s
Music ‘Feature’ – 1h 7m 15s
Game Review – 1h 10m 55s
Next Show’s Game –1h 44m 32s

Phoenix Flyer (Japan)
Phoenix Flyer (Italy)
Phoenix Flyer (US)
Phoenix Flyer (Germany)
Paz Doing The 100k Trick On Phoenix
GBA Macro
Show Me Games @ The Batcave
Virtvic Game Garage Video
Pole Position Multiboard Now In Prototype Stages
Stern Announces Star Wars 40th Anniversary Pinball (Pinball Supernova)
Atari Asteroids Event 1981 (RetroBitch)
RetroBitch Facebook Page
Early Arcade Industry Infographic
China Town Fair Movie
Competitive Bullet Hells
Tokyo Arcade Scene (Nintendo Life)
Pong Scratch Build (UKVAC)
5 Things Arcade Club
Game Preservation
RC2014 DIY Z80 Computer
@nintendoarcade & @blkdog7 Look Around SFGE
Sky Skipper Reveal @ SFGE
Whitney From Broken Token Gameroom Video




NERG 2017


Charliefar    170,290
Victor    85,800
Tim Keeling    79,040
Steve Tyke    76,530
Shaun        51,420
Taggsta    50,740
Roly Retro    50,470
Trollnads    40,560
Mark K        38,010
Tactical Genius    35,900
Neil 20to5    31,560
Jim Cain    26,350
Mark Happydude    26,010
Karl Parry    25,240
Sal Bugliarisi    24,360
Ross Ross    22,540
Ian Cullen    18,790
Mick Orwell    18,280
Andrew Driver    13,280
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg    13,230
Nik Silversmurfer    13,020
Richard Broadhurst    12,680
Matthew Bridge    10,730
DJRouge        10,170
Lesoleil (Dr. Dean)    8,880
Chris CNP        8,270
Mark Clayton        7,950
Giggity            6,760
Paul McCaskie    4,680
Retromash        540

10p High Score League Table

Capcom’s Commando – WORLD rom, 3 Lives, Extra Lives at 10k and every 50k, Difficulty Normal – No continues and NO LEDGE POINT PRESSING ALLOWED!

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