Podcast 55 : Astro Blaster

Shaun and I are needed as fighter pilots in Sector Wars! EEK! We’d better get in our spaceships then! Shaun is on fire with Flicky, while Victor has a date with a LadyBug!

Special recording by the Ten Pence Orchestra, too!

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 16m 0s
Pickups – 30m 31s
Feedback – 35m 44s
Shout Outs! – 45m 57s
Tech Tips – 49m 0s
The Ten Pence Orchestra Performs ‘Twisted Astro Blaster’ – 1h 0m 14s
Featured Game Review – 1h 3m 10s
The Art Of Side Art – 1h 29m 28s
Releases From This Month In History – 1h 32m 04s
Next Show’s Game –1h 35mm 42s

Astro Blaster Mega Flyer
Cleaning Ladies Play Astro Blaster Flyer
Astro Blaster at TNT Amusements
Cutting Room Floor Astro Blaster Info
Astro Blaster Secret Bonuses
CharlieFar Owning Astro Blaster Video
Home Computers Top Trumps
The Ocean Hunter
Terrible Old Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Book)
Tony Temple’s Arcade Blog
Ben Foster’s Arcade Blog
Arcade Universe
Shmup’s Top 25 Of All Time
RGDS 140 A-Z Of Arcade Games
Arcade Heroes Megasite
Star Wars Battle Pod Updates (Arcade Heroes)
Arcade Expansions (USA) (Arcade Heroes)
Namco AREN’T Halting Arcade Development (Arcade Heroes)
Sega Indoor Theme Parks
VIGOLIX DIY Arcade Machine


Charliefar – 54270
Shaun – 36530
Paz – 29350
Tronads – 29180
Neil1637 – 29160
HappyDude – 27510
Mark K – 27430
Andrew Driver – 22330
Madste – 22140
Ian Cullen – 21550
Andrew Anderson – 17940
Victor – 16850
Retro Shmuper – 13530
Lesoleil – 11560
Eddhorse – 9600
Rob PlayerMissile – 9330

Atari’s Firetruck

Ladybug by Universal 1981. Difficulty=Easy. Lives=3



  1. I think that you said that there were no home ports of AstroBlaster, which was true BITD, but PACMANPLUS did a 7800 version and I did a version for the BBC Micro. I had to take a couple of shortcuts to fit it into 32KB, but it does support the BBC Micro’s speech chip (unfortunately not the same as the AstroBlaster one).

  2. Make sure you watch the 720p50 version for 50fps PAL goodness, the capture software missed a few scan lines and the sound is a little out of sync on the recording, but you get the idea.

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