Podcast 45 : Snow Bros

We have been lobbing snow at each other via twitter and drove a zillion miles to attend the Eurocade 2015 event in Ridderkerk in The Netherlands.We even went to the Zoo in Rotterdam – saw ‘Hate Beaks’ and polar bears!!!
Victor found a new love for Universal’s Magical Spot II and Shaun went about beating his Asteroids record – both at Eurocade.

Please excuse this show’s recording (live from Eurocade), as Victor was quite ill with coldy sore throaty problems – ah, bless him!

Intros and what we’ve been up to – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 4m 07s
Pickups – 8m 09s
Feedback – 13m 17s
Eurocade Walkround – 32m 05s
Shoutouts! – 39m 24s
Forgotten Gems – 44m 10s
Musical Interlude – 46m 47s
Featured Game Review – 49m 13s
Art Of Sideart (From Eurocade) – 1h 08m 58s
Releases From This Month In History – 1h 10m 45s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 12m 57s


Snow Bros Euro Flyer
Video Playthru Of Snow Bros
Play Snow Bros Thru Your Browser
Biscuit Bros!
Eurocade 2015
image7 image5image8 image9  image13IMG_0646
IMG_0649 IMG_0655 IMG_0654 IMG_0653 IMG_0652
1st Person Chat Roulette Video
Cave Shmups Coming To Steam
Hyper Space Invaders II On Steam
80’s Soviet Arcade Games Article
Sonic Dash Arcade Game
Revival Winter Warmer Tickets Now Available
Disney Quest Arcade Hunters Walk Around
Pacman LED Clock (US Amazon)
Takahashi Meijin 16 Shot Video
IMG_0657 IMG_0656

Snow Bros Scores

Ian Cullen -2000390
MadSteDotCom – 1978050
Shaun’s Score – 672260
Lesoleil – 586940
Victor’s Score – 167770
Andrew Anderson – 102190
Paul Cunningham – 45080
Vipp – 20450

Game List For Future Episodes

Next show’s game is Sunset Riders by Konami. ROM set “2 players ver ABD”
Game settings here (press F2 to check)



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