Welcome to the Ten Pence Arcade!

This is a podcast focusing on arcade games from our youth – especially if you were a kid in the late ’70s to the mid ’90s.  We will be focusing on some of the slightly less popular games from the arcades, but ones we hope you’ll remember.  If not, hopefully we’ll encourage you to check them out on arcade emulation software, or if like us, maybe track down the original arcade PCB hardware to play on your own arcade machine. We will review and play a chosen game each time and compete for a best score. We want our listeners to join in too.  As well as the chosen game, we will also give hints and tips on maintaining, restoring and even building your own arcade machines.  Collecting these machines and things that go with arcade video games is our passion…Long live nerds.

Meet your hosts

Victor Marland


It was the Sausage’s fault! It was at the “Sleepy Sausage’ roadside cafe in the Midlands where the tiny seven year old Victor was first introduced to Space Invaders.  The hairy biker playing the pinball next to him didn’t even bother his Alien killing spree. Fast forward about eighty six years and he started collecting these behemoth machines. In his house! They are now tidily in the garage. He decided to turn his arcade lurve into a fortnightly podcast to connect with other arcadists.  Also, there wasn’t a UK one at the time and he really thought there should be. Sorry about that.

My fantasy cabinet list: Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Bosconian, Ladybug, Death Race, Mr Driller, Kicker, Q*Bert, 1942, SkyCurser

Shaun Holley


Shaun’s lifelong passion has been a lifelong passion for video arcade games, about which he has long been passionate. When he was born, his mother, who was close by at the time, said that his first word was ‘scanlines’. Throughout the 1980s Shaun ran with a pack of cool kids across the feral plains of East Anglia, laying waste to local high scores whilst smoking cigarettes indoors and drinking plenty of Lilt. He became a ‘shoot-em-up’ specialist, specialising in the special ‘shoot-em-ups’ that he found to be particularly shooty and special. And nowadays he finds himself still completely addicted to the clean graphics, chirpy chip tunes, and deceptively simple gameplay of these old titles, knowing full well that a session spent with any one of these classics will reveal its hidden secrets, much like that time he found out what his grandmother used to do with lemons.

My fantasy cabinet list: 1942, Centipede, Vulgus, Cyvern, Moon Patrol, Time Pilot, Scramble, Flicky, Star Force, Juno First



  1. Great podcast, good to see a brit one. I look forward to it appearing in my iTunes list every week now. Alex got me onto No Quarter too. I listen to more podcasts than music now. Keep it up guys.

  2. Loving the podcast, gents. Really nice to have a UK-centric arcade show, and one that’s so professionally put together, too.

    Keep up the fantastic work. It’s by far the best podcast out there.

  3. Been listening since first heard a plug on No Quarter.
    GREAT show – that’s just getting better and better.
    DK 3 was my fave (Though the poor game got under 20 mins 😉 LOL)

  4. Happy Anniversary! I’m a bit late, but just the same, I’m extremely glad that you’ve stuck around for a year. I hope there’s another year of Ten-Pence Arcade episodes, and then another year, and then another…I’m a selfish fan that way. And the Pence is mightier than the sword. (Ooohhh…sorry.)

    The only part of the podcast I don’t like is when Shaun talks about history from 10, 20, etc. years ago. Don’t misunderstand me — it’s great fun and I enjoy it a lot. But it means the episode is almost over!

    Here’s to the TPA in 2015! Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

  5. Would love to hear an episode on the scrolling overhead/isometric racer genre from the arcade. Titles like Monaco, Zippy Race, Road Fighter, F1-Dream, Rally Bike, Chequered Flag, Dirt Fox, Thrash Rally, World Rally 1&2, Drift Out `94, Neo Drift Out, BackFire! etc And others. Cheers.

  6. Dear Victor and Shaun,

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  7. Chaps!

    Excellent podcasting work! Just listening to latest episode. I’d like to give a Plus1 to an idea you sort of had this episode! A new section called “What Charlie Far thinks”

    EG Nice 10pence orchestra jingle build up to {best bellowing voice with plenty of reverb and echo} “What Charlie Farr thinks……” He then says a one liner of incredible interest and note…back on with the jingle…..”

    He must have plethora insights on arcade goodness. And even if he didnt, he could just say incredible facts of outrageous importance “Eating too many bananas makes you sleepy”…Would be a worthwhile public service announcement if no arcade wisdom were to be imparted!

    Might be ‘musing…

    Off to go and finish CnPs (Chris) Nintendo scratch build DK cab…..

    Keep up great work!

    rob (biglouie)

  8. Chaps! Love the podcast, discovered it a approx a month ago via you lot guesting with RGDS posse and tormenting the Drisk about his frankly dubious taste in games. Very amusing. I’ve listened to all of 2016 pods and the quality is consistently high in fact I’d go as far as to say that you are best gaming podcast out there. I’m a child of the ‘golden age’ and spent an inordinate amount of times in arcades in the early 80s, and it in one of these dens of iniquity where ran into the game which I humbly suggest you feature in future episode: Venture. Ahead of it’s time and yet cruelly ignored, come on TPA give it the love it deserves! Erm that’s it…Cheers for the podcast, long may it run.


  9. Congratulations on reaching 100 Episodes and being made into trading-card rock stars, and thank you for four years! Long live the T-PA!
    (Your Man in New Mexico)

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