Podcast 3 : Swimmer

This week the Ten Pence Arcaders are breast stroking it all the way to the island of treasure and hoping to be G R E A T! Piranha sandwiches anyone?  We also talk about arcades in Paris and Acton.  A lady gamer beats a world record and a guy in America lives and breathes Missile Command.  Watch out for massive crabs…

Swimmer Wiki
The Ten Pence Arcade Swimmer Strategy Guide
Japanese Arcade Flyer (the better one!)
US Arcade Flyer
The South Coast Slam
Nice Pictures Of The Colourful Cabinet
Arcade Outsiders Podcast
Paris Arcade Street Facebook Page
Heart Of Gaming Facebook Page
Atari Video Pinball Youtube Video
Those Ponies That We Keep On About
Konami’s 80’s Gallery Arcade Game

Alex’s Score 32960
Victor’s Score 41310 (playing after the podcast, I managed 45350!)

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