Podcast 90 – Fantasy Zone 2

Welcome to the Fantasy Zone – get ready! For this show we delve into the multi-coloured eye-bleed world of Opa-Opa (so good they named him twice). This game plays a tad like Defender – but is it better? No. In fact, is it better than anything at all? Join us and find out.

What We’ve Been Up To Since The Last Podcast – 0:00:00
Arcade News – 0:16:40
Pickups – 0:26:19
Victorian Insults – 0:28:52
Feedback – 0:30:19
Shout Outs! – 0:43:20
Top 100 Games List – 0:46:36
It’s Only Golden Axe on PIPES AND BANJOS – 0:54:39
Featured Game Review – 0:57:07
Next Show’s Game – 1:28:13

Fantasy Zone 4 Player Medal Game

Banjo Guy Ollie YouTube
The Ataribox console design

Alpha1 Game Room Tour
Chinese Husband Pods
Tapper World Record
Arcade Tales
Sull’s Blog

Chris MoonCrestaBootleg 436,700
Neil 20to5 354,600
Sull 338,900
Nik73 293,500
Taggsta 278,000
Steve Tyke 201,400
Victor 195,800
Paul McCaskie 187,000
Ian Cullen 185,800
Ross Ross 173,400
ButtonMashinFun 165,500
Shaun 158,700
Ben of Steel 123,400
Charliefar 120,700
Karl Parry 116,100
Tactical Genius 53,300
Trollnads 36,900

Dr. Micro, by Sanritsu 1983.
Use default settings, which are:
Lives = 3
Bonus life at 50,000 and 150,000

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

Check the Ten Pence High Score League Table



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