Podcast 86 : Uo Poko

Meoww! Cat paws, fish and magical balls are all in the podcast this time around! Shaun and Victor have been away for the weekend at the Revival Retro Event in Walsall, somewhere in the middle of the UK.

Bonus SkyCurser Pre Production review after it’s UK debut at The Revival retro Event.

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Walk Around Revival Event – 14m 50s
Arcade News – 45mm 33s
Pickups – 1h 6m 29s
Victorian Insults – 1h 25m
Feedback – 1h 26m 14s
Shout Outs! – 1h 34m
Tech Tips – 1h 38m 17s
Top 100 Games List – 1h 48m 12s
Music Quiz – 1h 52m 55s
Game Review – 1h 55m 04s
SkyCurser Pre Production Review – 2h 11m 57s
Next Show’s Game – 2h 28m 55s
Music Quiz Answers – 2h 30m 27s

Uo Poko Website (Japanese)
Uo Poko Flyer (Front)
Uo Poko (Back)
Uo Poko Arcade Otaku Wiki
Kitten Mittons! Video
Let’s Play Cel Damage With Good Mythical More (video)
Ecstasy Of Order – The Tetris Masters Film
Dreamworld Pogie Kickstarter Page
Revival Retro Event
QPOKEY FPGA Reproductions
ArcadeBlogger Washes A Monitor Chassis?!?
Flyer Fever




Home Made Jubeat Control Panel #1
Home Made Jubeat Control Panel #2
Eeproms Explained


Chris MoonCrestaBootleg    2,418,000
Peter KmanSweden    1,382,200
Paul Guy    1,360,400
Neil 20to5    1,332,800
Nik Siversmurfer    1,116,700
Charliefar    1,106,100
Taggsta    966,200
Ross Ross    893,100
Tactical Genius    785,700
Mark Happydude    735,900
Retromash    716,100
Ben Steel    710,900
Michael Lis    692,000
Matthew Bridge    683,200
Mrs Genius    678,500
Tin    653,000
Andrew Driver    642,100
Victor    609,000
Ian Cullen    608,600 (Colourblind!)
Karl Parry    604,600
Shaun    602,900
Sal Bugliarisi    563,800
Nik73    522,600
MadSte    496,700
Trollnads    477,300
Paul McCaskie    436,500
Mrs 10p    402,000
Paul Craddy Kradsta    367,300
Rob PlayerMissile    316,800
Stacey King    276,400
Mini Missile #1    182,400
Steve Tyke    105,500
Mini Missile #2    72,200

Centuri / Amstar’s Phoenix
Lives=3, Extra Life at 3k and 30k (NO 204K BUG ALLOWED!!! – WE WILL KNOW IF YOU USE IT!!!)

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