Podcast 83 : The New Zealand Story

We’ve been tasked with rescuing our tiny Kiwi friends from an evil walrus!

No, we’ve not been hallucinating – we’ve been playing The New Zealand Story from those crazy dudes at Taito. Flying about on balloons and magical geese while lobbing bombs at mean teddy bears and er, spiky things. Lots of spiky things. Too many spiky things perhaps.

More world records for our friends Charlie Far (David) and Pete Hahn (former GG gamer of the year)

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 5m 58s
Pickups – 23m 58s
Victorian Insults – 35m 35s
Feedback – 36m 31s
Shout Outs! – 41m 5s
Top 100 Games List – 44m 6s
Music Interval – 58m 50s
Featured Game Review – 58m 44s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 24m 8s

New Zealand Story Flyer
New Zealand Story Game FAQs
New Zealand Story Heaven Levels
New Zealand Story Mug (Arcade Mugs)
Pass Thru Ghosts!
Arcade Club Review By Toby na Nakhorn
Arcade Club On Tour In Edinburgh
Lost Wizard Of Wor Proto
SkyCurser Is Officially Out!
Donkey Kong Jr Remix
Retroland Blackpool
Midwest Gaming Classic
Richie Knucklez’ Kaboom Cabinet
Colourful NEW ZX Spectrum Keyboards



Funko Toys Unboxing Video
The Retro Hunter Cool Retro Video Games Shop







Charliefar    837,150
Taggsta    333,720
Shaun        157,690
Ian Cullen    145,500
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg    130,770
Chris CNP    119,130
Karl Parry    89,380
Stuart Timewarp    64,460
Stacey King    51,950
Mark Happydude    51,010
Victor    45,110
Edd Horse    33,090
Paul McCaskie    29,240

Check the 10p High Score League Table


Atari’s Centipede, ROM Revision 4, Lives: 3, Extra Lives: Every 12,000,  Difficulty: Easy

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!



  1. Late to this episode but wanted to contribute: I just played the Amiga and arcade versions one after the other on my cab and I am hard-pressed to tell the difference – including graphically! This was a great Amiga conversion.

    The biggest drawback with the Amiga version is the lack of a jump button, relying on up on the joystick instead.

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