Podcast 78 : Alien Syndrome

Christmas has been and gone and we’ve been off work enjoying gaming, relaxing and tinkering with things. Alan has had his syndrome and been to level 5 and looped repectively. Let’s get 2017 on line with more arcade goodness, HURRAH!

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Interview With Andy @ Arcade Club – 18m 10s
Arcade News – 25m 18s
Pickups – 41m 20s
Feedback – 51m 07s
Shout Outs! – 1h 1m 32s
Music Quiz! – 1h 2m 55s
Musical Interlude – 1h 5m 29s
Featured Game Review – 1h 6m 53s
Arcade Ports 2 Computer / Console – 1h 40m 18s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 44m 6s
Blooper! – 1h 47m 51s

Alien Syndrome Flyer (JP – Front)
Alien Syndrome (JP – Back)
CharlieFar 1CC Alien Syndrome Video
New SNK Games?
Game Mania Blackpool
Battle Garrega on PS4
Starcade Returns!
Super Bario Glasgow
Arcade Tales 2 Facebook Comic
Arcade Games Turn 40 (Arcade Heroes)
Retro Games Party E-Store
SkyCurser Podcast
Victor’s Tinkerings Theremin



BBC Carnival
BBC Frogger
C64 Frogger

Charlefar    814,000
Shaun    728,300
Chris MoonCrestaBootleg    508,000
Neil 20to5    449,600
Ian Cullen    366,300
Vipp    353,600
Paul McCaskie    331,100
Ross Ross    324,700
Victor    289,500
Mick Orwell    273,000
Mark Happydude    244,200
Stacey King    206,300
Taggsta    203,200
Matthew Bridge    174,300
SiniSteve  158200
ButtonMashinFun    151,800
Trollnads    107,300
Giggity    61,400
Ruby 20to5    15,400
Rory 20to5    13,500




NEXT SHOW’S GAME – Konami’s Amidar, 3 Lives, Extra at 50k & 80k


One comment

  1. Another excellent podcast guys, great stuff! Love the new ‘Console arcade conversion’ section, good idea. Also I think when it’s Vic’s turn to do the sound quiz next, I’d suggest for a significant sound quality from this episode that he upgrades to a Dixon’s own-brand IBM compatible microphone from the min 90’s, it will be a massive improvement I assure you.

    Measure once, cut twice.

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