Podcast 75 : Scramble

A game that took a tiny boy Victor until he was a gangly man Victor to complete. 26 years in total!
Can you invade the Scramble system, can you get a triple word score? Hold on, wrong game!
Don’t get a rocket up yer chuff, a faahr ball in the face or have a space invader flop on top of you while you go and destroy that weird enemy base at the end!

Beware the SSSS! and good luck next time again!

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m
COMPETITION Result – 7m 30s
Arcade News – 8m 54s
Pickups – 21m 37s
Feedback – 26m 04s
Shout Outs! – 45m 39s
Tech Tips – 47m 18s
POETRY (?) Interlude – 52m 08s
Featured Game Review – 54m 32s
Hardware Zeroes – 1h 28m 33s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 31m 0s
Catch Up Sky Skipper Chat With Alex Nintendo Arcade – 1h 32m 53s

Scramble Flyer (US)
Scramble Flyer (Euro)
Scramble Flyer (Japan)
Scramble Flyer (Denmark)
Scramble Flyer (Taiwan)
Scramble Facebook Page
Scramble On GameFAQs
Scramble On The Pie Factory Podcast
HOG IndieGogo Campaign
New 4 Quarters Bar
New Cardiff Barcade
‘Unlocked’ TV Show
New Arcade Games (On Arcade Heroes)
Arcade Mugs
Para JVE Vectrex Emulator

Charliefar    488,670
Shaun    323,260
Ian Cullen    236,720
Victor    140,000
Taggsta    114,690
Mark K    71,960
Trollnads    46,770
Ross Ross    44,690
John Battlezone Keay    43,310
Mark Happydude    33,070
MadSte    30,620
Giggity    26,140
Rob Player/Missile    25,010
DJRouge    24,500
Neil 20to5    24,460
ButtonMashinFun    22,810
Andrew Driver 18,650

Gary Ferguson    17,560
Alan Delta Lima    16,650
Paul McCaskie    14,410
Vipp    13,700

us-scramble zac-scramblescramble-marquee




Deco Cassette Hardware-





Namco’s MOTOS – Lives 3, Difficulty Rank A, Extra Lives at 10k, 30k and every 50k

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