Podcast 72 : Battle Bakraid

Bullets. Loads of ’em. Everywhere. Mostly pink. Eek! How many points? Play Battle Bakraid properly and you’ll find out.  Secret cat messages. Boobytrap / Partyboob.

We also find out that enemies, anemones and enemas are VERY different things.

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m
Arcade News – 22m 57s
Pickups – 30m 13s
Feedback – 34m 37s
Shout Outs! – 43m 39s
Musical Interlude – 46m 12s
Featured Game Review – 47m 50s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 17m 32s

Battle Bakraid Flyer
Battle Bakraid Video 52m+ (Normal)
Battle Bakraid Video 79m+ (Advanced)
Battle Bakraid on HCG101
In Depth Study of Battle Bakraid on Daifukkatsu
SMRaedis Twitch Stream
RGDS Megacast 3 (Starring Shaun Holley!)
80s Logo Generator



Arcade Italia
35th TG Anniversary
Nintendo Monkey Magic on Yahoo Japan Auctions
RGP Cabs In An Upcoming Black Mirror
1986 Portland / Weymouth Video – Music by Gareth Woodham

SmRaedis    33,593,270
Shaun    4,401,740
Peter Kman Sweden    4,005,980
Charlefar    3,888,100
Ross Ross    3,660,660
Taggsta    3,507,300
Madstedotcom    2,894,590
Neil20to5    2,864,720
BrutalLevel3    2,613,140
Paul McCaskie    2,474,330
Ian Cullen    2,309,790
Tronads    2,080,740
Gary Ferguson    1,804,130
Victor    1,490,290
Mark Happydude    1,386,590
Sinisteve    1,325,250
Jonathon Keen    1,300,000
Stacey King    1,263,780
Chris MCBL    1,048,060
Vipp    988,520

bbakraid bbakraid2




NEW Rally X – 3 lives, Easy, Extra Lives 20k & 80k

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