Podcast 69 : Thunder Cross

Shooting stuff in its horizontal face this time.

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m
Arcade News – 10m
Pickups – 23m
Feedback – 27m
Shout Outs! – 47m
Tech Tips – 50m
Musical Interlude – 54m
Featured Game Review – 56m
Cabs You Never Knew Existed – 1h 25m
Hardware Heroes – 1h 28m
Next Show’s Game – 1h 34m

Thunder Cross Flyer
Thunder Cross 1CC (Youtube)
Unfinished Arcade Documentary Teaser
Secret Messages On Sega’s Arcade Bags
SkyCurser Official Site
Vectrex32 Project
Death Chase/Nox/Space Launcher Vectrex
Pacman Atari 2600 Remake
Dan Smash Gaming Podcast
Leaf & Microswitch Buttons
EZ Outs Tools

Nintendo PC10 Bar Top (Youtube)
Useful PC10 Site
The Making of Galaxian 3
The Dreamcast ‘Barber’ has been found!

CharlieFar – 1504640
Shaun – 943740
Paul McCaskie – 937840
Vipp – 545000
Zipper – 419320
Chris Fantazia2 – 302820
Ian Cullen – 304520
RossRoss – 301000
Taggsta – 294100
Stacey King – 191360
Victor – 151660
Mark Happydude – 149520
Andrew Driver – 35740


SkyKid (new version rom) – All Dips Off, No Buy In, 3 lIves, Extra Lives At 30k, 90k

This game is also present on the 19 in 1 Horizontal PCB

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

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