Podcast 67 : Hunchback

Oh dear – poor Quasi. His back isn’t too good and those bells are knackering him up! Not to mention having an arrow in the bum and fireballs flying by.  Add to this an angry Victor and the poor game is done for!

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Revival Summer Solstice Walkround – 2m 03s
Batcave Walkround – 41m 13s
Arcade News – 1h 04m 06s
Pickups – 1h 09m 27s
Feedback – 1h 14m 13s
Shout Outs! – 1h 22m 02s
Victor’s Cab History – 1h 23m 53s
Musical Interlude – 1h 30m 31s
Featured Game Review – 1h 33m 13s
Cabs You Never Knew Existed – 1hr 56m 56s
Hardware Heroes – 2h 00m 34s
Next Show’s Game(s)! – 2h 06m 57s

Hunchback Flyer (UK)
CVS Game Library
CVS On The Golden Age Arcade Historian
bottle opener
Binary Star (Vectrex) Software
Batcave Facebook Page
Peter Davies Story On ArcadeBlogger.Com
Tomohiro Nishikado Interview 2000
Tiny Arcade
Vid Kidz At CAX
Track & Field WR Marathon
Atari 2600 Game By Game Podcast
The Walking Dead Coming To Arcades 2017
Battlements (Amiga) Video
Battlements (Harsh) Review
ban hammer
Sega Naomi Hardware
Hard Candy Website


Lesoleil – 336600
Vipp – 173600
Neil1637 – 170100
Shaun – 147500
CharlieFar – 143900
Ian Cullen – 131700
John Battlezone – 107500
Victor – 88000
Ross – 82200
Giggity – 78300
Mark K – 77100
Andrew Driver – 68000


Universal’s Cosmic Alien  – Lives 3, Bonus Life 5000
Taito’s Crazy Balloon – Lives 3, Bonus Life 5000, NO INVULNERABILITY!

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

One comment

  1. A bit disappointed with your dislike for Hunchback.
    I remember finding that game on a station platform back in the 80s while waiting for a train and playing it to death with a friend. It’s in my MAME selection menu for sure. Keep up the excellent podcast.

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