Podcast 6.5 – RGP Mega Meet

On Saturday 22nd February, a crack team of 2 podcasting dumbasses ventured North across the evil enchanted M25 and past many magical service stations to find arcade party Nirvana in the eerie wonderland of Blackburn.  One of the podcasters risked life and limb via an RTA to get there and still can’t work out how he got through untouched. Maybe it was luck or maybe it was his many years of playing Rally X that saved his skin?  Who knows – but the party was awesome and many machines were played. Many hind legs were also talked off during the evening. Sausages and pickled onions on sticks have never been so good!

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Alex’s Score – Awesome!
Victor’s Score – Awesome!

Victor’s Fantasy Cabinets List –
Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Bosconian, Asteroids Deluxe

Alex’s Fantasy Cabinets List –
Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong 3, Popeye


  1. I’m playing Rolling Thunder in preparation for your next podcast. After about 4 hours play I’ve managed 49220, which is only about a third of the way (I think) into level 2. A tough game. There must be a strategy to this one – I stop at each door before the feckers come out so I’m not backtracking! You guys should hammer that score.

  2. Hi Vic and Alex,

    Rolling Thunder…great game, but does get annoying when you get knocked by the chaps, etc. still you have 2 chucks of life.
    Used to play a fair bit on the PSP years ago whilst on the train to a customer, etc.
    Ok, so now for my score:-
    100,300 Area 4 – played on Mame via PC (keyboard warrior again!). 🙂
    This is my highest ever, with those damn black leopard cats giving me all sorts of grief…got past that part then on to the next level where I lost my last life.
    -As in any game, it is knowing what is coming next and perfecting the game-play.

    Looking forward to the next podcast,

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