Podcast 56 : Ladybug

This episode, we hear of Victor battling bugs and Shaun stuck in the past while crushing scores on Flicky. Is there still a biscuit shortage? There may well be some co host abuse going on, on this episode. EEK

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 22m 22s
Pickups – 33m 40s
Feedback – 36m 39s
Shout Outs! – 51m 48s
Tech Tips – 54m 43s
Musical Interlude – 1h 01m 22s
Featured Game Review – 1h 4m 37s
The Art Of Side Art – 1h 30m 04s
*NEW* Hardware Heroes – 1h 32m 42s
Next Show’s Game –1h 37m 52s


*UPDATED* A link to our Links page with updated links. Links here. Go.
Ladybug Standard Flyer
Ladybug Japanese Flyer
Victor’s ‘Mask’
Arcade Club Video Walkround
Rasp Pi 3 Is Out!
Flicky Blog
Killer Queen Available From Raw Thrills
Diner (Burger Time Sequel)
Coleco Chameleon Problems
Kotaku Joystick Video
Framed PCB Artwork
Secret Mortal Kombat Menus
Patrick Scott Patterson Radar Scope Article
Patrick Scott Patterson Future of Video Gaming From 1982 Article
Clay Cowgill Astro Blaster Hacks
Dude Quest Youtube Channel
ExMosquito 21 x 1CC Video
‘Arkie’ Awards
Toaplan Version 2 Hardware
Toaplan Hardware On AllYourBase
8bitflip 26 – 27 Mach

Tronads – 162600
Victor – 154040
Charliefar – 130480
Greg Pell – 94020
Mark K – 89960
Mark Happydude – 83410
Ross SuperGoataku – 83050
Cynicaster – 80100
Tin – 72940
Neil1637 – 68170
Lesoleil70 – 56400
MadSte – 55270
Shaun – 51890
Eddhorse – 28730
Andrew Driver – 21510
Rob PM – 20140
Paul Hayhurst – 12890
Andrew Anderson – 10890

Intrepid’s Galaxian Conversion – Beezer

Gun.Smoke by Capcom – Normal Difficulty, 3 Lives, No Continues, Bonus Lives at 30k, 100k, 100k+ (1 button hack on 60 in 1 or 3 buttons as standard)


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