Podcast 53 : Kung Fu Master

Hwyah! Beat up on guys in pyjamas and annoying clingy children who just want a cuddle!  Avoid venomous butterflies (really?) and ssssnakes and dragons in pots! We kick and punch people on the nose playing Kung Fu Master this show.  Did Shaun snap his joystick off? Did Victor manage to 1cc this game? Are they both hungover? Listen in and find out…

Apologies for the sound quality – Victor was recording through his laptop’s internal mic  instead of the real mics *palm*

What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 19m 47s
Pickups – 29m 42s
Feedback – 30m 54s
Shout Outs! – 42m 50s
Tech Tips (Biscuit Based) – 44m 00s
Musical Interlude – 45m 52s
Featured Game – 47m 36s
The Art Of Side Art – 1h 25m 32s
Releases From This Month In History – 1h 42m 56s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 45m 30s

Kung Fu Master Flyer (US)
Spartan X Flyer (JP)
Kung Fu Master 1cc Clear Video
EAG Show
EAG On Arcade Heroes
Warehouse Arcade Games Nebraska
Cobra Arcade Bar, Phoenix AZ
SkyCurser Lvl 3 Video Preview
Audio Jerkoff NSFW Podcast
California Extreme 2012 Rare Cabs Video

They Were Our Gods – 387,490
Zipper – 293,130
Victor – 272,720
Shaun – 270,560
Tronads – 239,230 (AMENDMENT FROM PODCAST)
Paz – 216,910
Madste – 183,640
Ian Cullen – 154,960
Greg Pell – 120,940 (ADDITION TO PODCAST)

Atari Prototype The Sentinel / Target Outpost/ Akka Arrh/
Interview with Joe Magiera
John’s Arcade visits Joe Magiera

Flicky by Sega – lives 3, extra lives at 30k,80k,160k, Easy Difficulty



  1. Thanks Vic and Shaun for another great episode! Really appreciate all the kind words and praise about Galloping Ghost Arcade; It was nice meeting you and talking games during your ‘Merica trip, Victor.

    When you were looking for recommendations for games that aren’t too hard to loop and mentioned Green Beret (aka Rush ‘N Attack) I immediately though about MIA: Missing in Action, the successor to Green Beret. It’s about as challenging as Green Beret, and I think you both would really like it, being fans of the original game.

    Here’s a link to a 1-credit loop on my youtube channel, if you’re interested:

    Thanks again,

    Pete Hahn aka “GGA HAN”

  2. The Sentinel picture is of a small scale foam mock up. Target Outpost was the first version of the game, that version combined a pinball play field with a form of the Akka Arrh gameplay.

  3. Really fun podcast to listen to. I’ll say one thing for Vigilante, besides its fantastic plot: its hit sound effects are (still) the best in the business. So loud and satisfying. They’re like 80s movie punch sounds amplified tenfold. The real reason why it falls short of Kung Fu Master it misses all that game’s design nuance. KFM was all about high and low offense and defense, and juggling all of that and there is almost nothing of that in Vigilante. It wasn’t designed by Kung Fu Master creator Takashi Nishiyama of Street Fighter and Fatal Fury fame, either.

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