Podcast 52.5 : ‘Merica Trip

Victor brags talks about his trip to the good ol’ US of A.

Intro for special .5 podcast – 0m 0s
What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 3m 15s
Galloping Ghost – 11m 20s
Underground Retrocade – 1h 05m 0s
Giordano’s Pizza – 1h 14m 46s
Logan Arcade – 1h 23m 41s
Broken Token Meet Up – 1h 34m 48s
Zanzabar – 1h 44m 31s
Barcadia – 1h 55m 58s
Austin TX with Aaron Hickman – 2h 3m 08s
Arcade News – 2h 39m 16s
Pickups – 2h 55m 30s
Feedback – 3h 09m 40s
Shout Outs – 3h 24m 21s
Musical Interlude – 3h 28m 01s
Next Show’s Game – 3h 31m 37s
Ending Thoughts – 3h 33m 03s

US Trip 2015 Picture Album

Chicago Tourism
Griffin Aerotech & Sky Curser
Galloping Ghost
Galloping Ghost Walkaround (Video)
Underground Retrocade
Logan Arcade
Giordano’s Pizza

Louisville Tourism
Broken Token Podcast
Zanzabar on Twitter

New Orleans Tourism

Austin Tourism
Diagamblic Music
Game Over Videogames
Pinballz Arcade
Arcade UFO

Binary Star Software (Vectrex)
Antic Atari 8 Bit Podcast
Open Apple Podcast (Apple II)
CroZXy Road on ZX81
Shooty Skies
Charity Arcade In Swedish Airports
Batcave Walkaround (Video)
Peter Kman Sweden’s 39″ CRT (behind a Candy bezel for scale)

Rest in pixels Brad Fuller, old-school Atari musician.
A retrospective of the US TV program, Starcade.
Unknown PCB found on Yahoo Japan – Wing Force, 1993, Atlus.
Metal Slug lives on in mobile game format.
Wes Copeland Retakes The Donkey Kong World Record From Robbie Lakeman!
New Robotron WR on Tie Die romsby David Gomez.
MAME Control Summary for 0.106 from Player Missile.
Arcade Expo 2.

Same as last time due to this special. Continue playing for two more weeks please!

Kung-Fu Master, Irem, 1984. Difficulty = easy, Energy loss = slow, Lives = 3, ‘World’ rom.


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