Podcast 5 : Super Glob

Help us guide our favorite blue Glob to munch some tasty snacks.  Careful not to run into any of the wild animals.  How wild are pigs and frogs anyway?
We find out that a Gyruss upright cab WON’T fit in the back of a Vauxhall Cavalier and Victor had a blast at the Unigame send off meeting and didn’t win his own Donkey Kong tournament  trophy. Oh well!

Super Glob (sparse) Wiki Entry
Beastie Feastie Flyer
Super Glob Klov Entry
Super Glob / Beastie Feastie Cabinet Artwork
Ten Pence Arcade Video Playthru
Massive Scoring On Youtube
Jamma+ Unigame Sendoff Arcade Meeting Thread
(You will need to join J+ to view this – FREE and HIGHLY recommended!)
The Unigame DK Tournament Trophy (front)
The Unigame DK Tournament Trophy (back)
Gyruss Fail
Dino / Mushi King Arcade Cabinets

Alex’s Score 46306
Victor’s Score 55653



  1. Enjoyed the podcast guys. I’ll check out the earlier ones when I get time. Game suggestion: Road Fighter, Konami 1984. An overhead racer which I think had a steering wheel in the arcades but is still very playable with a standard controller. Similar music and graphical style to Track N Field. I think it’s possible to finish the game on one credit, although I haven’t managed it yet.

  2. Hmm – I actually have Road Fighter on Konami’s Classics (a 573 mobo game) and it’s the only one on there I’m not familiar with. Maybe…

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