Podcast 41 : Kicker aka Shao-Lin’s Road

As the Beastie Boys say ‘KICK IT!’

We kick the shizz out of anything that moves this time – including delicious plates of dinner, right in the face! There is definitely NO talk of biscuits on this podcast (probably)

We now have 2 listeners with world record status – HAIL TO THEM (PING!)

Intros and what we’ve been up to – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 18m 55s
Pickups – 29m 02s
Feedback – 34m 32s
Shoutouts! – 51m 48s
Timewarp Arcade Interview – 52m 50s
Forgotten Gems – 59m 29s
Musical Interlude – 1h 07m 44s
Featured Game Review – 1h 09m 30s
Art Of Sideart – 1h 55m 51s
Releases From This Month In History – 1h 57m 55s
Next Show’s Game – 2h 02m 41s

Arcade Club

Kicker Flyer
Shao Lin’s Road Flyer
MonkeyChunk Youtube Channel
PhillV85’s Youtube Channel
JapJac’s Youtube Channel
Exidy’s Pete Kaufmann Passes Away 🙁
Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata Passes Away 🙁
Pie Factory Podcast
Centre For Computing History’s July
Top 10 Highest Grossing Arcade Games
Midway Documentary Kickstarter
Wreck It Ralph 2 Confirmed
Timewarp Arcade (Bridgwater)
Shanghai’s Hardcore Arcade
MegaBYTES Cafe (Glasgow)
Replay FX (Pittsburgh)

Dungeon Magic (aka Lightbringer)

Bump n Jump

PhilV85 – 2510700 (World Record!)
Victor’s Score – 672300
Shaun’s Score – 258000
MadSteDotCom – 152700
MonkeyChunk – 47000
Vipp – 44100

Game List For Future Episodes

Next show’s game is Bump n Jump. Standard settings (Data East USA rom, 3 lives, bonus life every 30K, easy difficulty).



  1. I’ve Voted For Best Pod Cast Thingy….

    It wasn’t you Guys …Coz you are Poo & Talk Broken Bisqueets…!!

    Just Kiddin..I DID VOTE FOR YOU…
    Hope you win & get ya Soup In a Basket…!!!

    GAME ON…………………….:0)

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