Podcast 4 : Sky Skipper

We are rescuing Magic Kingdom residents from the headphone wearing huge apes with baseball bats! I wonder what they’re listening to?
Come back Walter Day – we need you! Where has Twin Galaxies gone? Will we ever get anywhere close to a WR in the first place?

We had a few hiccups in the recording this week (apologies), so quality isn’t quite what it should be, but it’s still ok! 😉

Sky Skipper Wiki
Ten Pence Arcade Video Playthru (New!)
Sky Skipper Flyer Front
Sky Skipper Flyer Back (We’d dearly love to see a colour picture of an upright cabinet!)
Konami 573 board with Konami 80s
Moon Guardian Cabinet (Victor’s next restoration project)
Astro City at the Lucky 777 Arcade in Southend
Unigame Meeting on 1&2 Feb
RGP Web Page
The Ton Ton Club – Amsterdam
Pix n Love Publishing

Alex’s Score 29350
Victor’s Score 26460




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