Podcast 37 : 1942

Squadron leader Holley and rear gunner Virtvic take to the skies with the aim of ending the war with millions of aeroplanes, well, 32 levels of the sneaky flying blighters! Shaun is already a millionaire on this game, but will he complete it before recording the podcast?

Intro’s and what we’ve been up to – 0m 0s
Arcade News – 11m 32s
Pickups – 24m 58s
Feedback – 28m 20s
Shoutouts! – 39m 08s
Games That Should’ve Been In The Arcade – 42m 22s
Musical Interlude – 47m 18s
Featured Game Review – 49m 02s
Art Of Sideart – 1h 24m 19s
Releases From This Month In History – 1h 25m 34s
Next Show’s Game – 1h 29m 10s

1942 Flyer (Japanese)
1942 on KLOV
2x 1942 Converted Cabinets
1942 Williams Control Panel
1942 Williams Cabinet (not original)
Virtvic8BitStick MkII
Death Race Working!
Death Race Custom Volume Controls
PacMan 35th Birthday Text Adventure
DK & DKII Now Switchable With Pauline Graphics
UKVAC Hackers Change 1942 Music!
Smallcab Jamma Scart Interface
Kristoff’s Awesome Vectrex Homebrew Games
Polybius Film Kickstarter
Tempest 2000 in an Arcade Cabinet
Maximum Power Up Podcast Website
Misfit Mame
Shmupulations 1991 Capcom Reyrospective
Monster Strike : Yoshiki Okamoto

Balloon Kid (GB)
Saboteur (Spectrum)
Swords of Sodan (MD)


Game List For Future Episodes

Tronads – 1713980
SM Raedis – 1574090
Shaun’s Score – 1549430
Ian Cullen – 1139580
Strykr – 600000
Lesolei70 – 308780
Minwah – 197000
Victor’s Score – 182000
Madstedotcom – 150020



  1. Hello Steve and Karl 🙂
    Although you talked about Gyruss I don’t think you mentioned during the 1942 show that Yoshiki Okamoto was also responsible for Gyruss which is another fantastic game worth reviewing. 1942 has great memories for me as not only do I remember playing it back in the 80’s at the Students union, it was the first board set that I acquired when I first got back into the hobby from a member on the UKVAC forum back in 2000. Speaking of which, you might have recognised my name from UKVAC, JAMMA+, UKPinball forums. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks Andrew. Check out podcast 24 where we do a feature on Yoshiki Okamoto and his transition from Konami to Capcom.

  3. Hey guys – Thought I’d come here to check out the shownote links and leave feedback. The Deathrace looks superb – what a machine. Older than me, but looking much better. Really enjoying the podcasts – Especially the little projects you make time for each week… An electronic marquee, custom cnc volume plate, helping to set up Play Blackpool followed by a shotgun wedding with someone elses 1942 cab. It’s good listening. I’m starting to go through the back catalogue of episodes.

    Some belated thoughts on 1942… I just cannot practically use the loop to evade – Basically because I’ve not once seen my death more than a nano-second before it occurs.
    The bullet trajectories are pure evil. They drift straight, slowly and inevitably into my path. Very clever.
    I think it’s the mass of suicidal planes that ruin my concentration. Especially when a couple start looping round the rear. I’m not used to that at all. I was almost getting the hang of it, but then come the jungle backgrounds where I just completely lose sight of the bullets and planes in the melee.
    I did manage to beat the first super-big plane using a continue. I’ll be happy with that and leave 1942 for now.

    Volfied has a ridiculous points system that’s pretty annoying. It encourages memorising the tips rather than rewarding adventurous play. I don’t mind memorising patterns – but the 1m points absolutely belong to the people who worked the patterns out – not plagerisers like me! I’ll not be giving back my score back though. I did manage to get the 9999990 in the end, but died on lvl15.
    The levels where you need to nibble the background – they really test my patience. I tend to do about 10 nibbles, think I see a massive gap (that doesn’t exist) and try and draw a 5-inch long line through it.. and die.
    If i could change the game, I’d like to see reckless bravery rewarded hansomly and nibblers punished with death. I’d like ‘laser / fire’ power-ups to be on a different button too, so I don’t accidentally come off the force field while blasting.
    4-way stick or keys is a must in this game.

    Have either of you played Heinkyo Alien? It’s my favourite game on the Gameboy, but based on a 1979 arcade maze/trap game of the same name. HG101 did a piece on it… http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/heiankyoalien/heian1.htm

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