Podcast 33.5 : Toaplan Special

This is a Toaplan special, between our usual podcasts, where Shaun presents his love for all things Toaplan – with Victor interjecting every now and again 😀

I say ‘love’ – Toaplan did release about 2 crappers too…

Podcast Notes

Toaplan Museum
Toaplan Wikipedia
History of Toaplan – Neo Arcadia (French)
The Toaplan shooters – Hardcore Gaming 101
Screen shots of unreleased game Genkai Chousen Distopia
The Mega Drive and Saturn ports
History of Toaplan – Insomnia
Toaplan Japanese Wiki
PCB images
History of Toaplan – Shmups forum
Shooting Star Japanese fan site
Interview with Tsuneki Ikeda – Spong.Com
Various interviews translated to English at Shmups forum
1990 interview with Masahiro Yuge and Tatsuya Uemura – Shmuplations
Game Q&A with Yuge and Uemura – Shmuplations
Shooting Chronicle box set developer interviews – Shmuplations
Interview with Yuge – Shmuplations
Interview with Uemura – Shmuplations
The lost games – Gamengai forum thread
Toaplan Forever Uemura interview – Gamengai (through Archive.org)
Shooting Chronicle CD box set information
Dynamic Trial 7 flyer – TAFA
Enma Daio flyer – TAFA
Interview with Junya Inoue – Otaku USA (through Archive.org)


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