Podcast 29 : Block Hole aka Quarth

We have taken this oppurtunity to blast blocks at other blocks in space. It would have been rude not to.  It’s a listener pick this time and it’s a kinda upside down o vision Tetris thingy.  That’s a technical explaination.

Death Race looks like it actually works! 🙂 and stuff is coming on.

Victor has a mystery parcel from Kentucky to open on air!

Block Hole (Quarth) Flyer
Block Hole FAQs (GameFAQs)
Alex’s Dub Smash
N64 S-video & Scart Cables
PIxels (Film – coming soon)
World 1-1 Documentary
Granny & The Gators @ Bolt’s Jazzcade
Death Race on a Table
Robotron Scratch Build
Stern WWE Wrestlemania
New Mario Bros World Record
Re-Jig at the Heart of Gaming (HOG)
The Classic Gaming Bookcast (Smashwords)
The Classic Gaming Bookcast (Barnes & Noble)
The Classic Gaming Bookcast (iTunes)
The Classic Gaming Bookcast (Scribd)
Life Sized Pac Man in LA
Star Worlds (Illinois) 30 Years in Business!
Sega’s Wonderland Wars
Pixels Video Short
ArcadeExpo California
Blind Dog’s B&W Arcade Youtube Channel
Jetpac (ZX Spectrum)
Comix Zone (Megadrive)
Encounter (C64)

Atari Fire Truck
Atari Smokey Joe

Shaun’s Score – 107310
Victor’s Score – 36590

Victor’s Fantasy Cabinets List (FULL UP!) –
Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Bosconian, Asteroids Deluxe, Death Race, Iron Horse, Food Fight, Tazz Mania, Q*Bert, Space Zap!

Shaun’s Fantasy Cabinet’s List (FULL UP) –
1942, Galaxian, Outrun 2 SP, Dodonpachi Daioujou, Rygar, Pulsar, Star Force, Eyes, Berzerk, Q*Bert

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