Podcast 21.5 : Nintendo Special

Ninty is 125 years old!
Mario doesn’t look a day over 29!

We delve into Nintendo’s strange past and speak about our favourite era – the 70s, 80s (and maybe a little bit of the 90s too)

Don’t get space crabs!!!

Three people can win a DK arcade mug each this episode! – Kindly donated by


The History of Nintendo Part 1
Nintendo Article in The Independant
Nintendo on Tumblr
Nintendo Life
Nintendo Love Tester (!)
Nintendo Twister
Nintendo’s Logos Over The Years
Duck Hunt (beforemario.com)
Different VS Cabinets #1
Different VS Cabinets #2
Playchoice 10 Cabinet

Super Smash Bros.

Our Ninty Picks –
Vs Balloon Fight
Space Fever (Hi Splitter)
Vs Dr. Mario,

Monkey Magic
Space Launcher



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