Podcast 19 : Q*Bert

We’ve been bouncing around pyramids avoiding dopey looking purple snakes and back to front guys, while trying to grab green dudes with shades on.
??? – Yes! – we’ve been playing Q*Bert and it’s a fine game indeed.
Alex has been a travelling collector and Victor has more bad luck 🙁

Q*Bert Wiki
Q*Bert Flyer (Front)
Q*Bert Flyer (Back)
Q*Bert Cabinet & PInball Flyer
Q*Bert Strategy
Q*Bert Cartoon Minisodes
Zaccaria Astro Blaster Restoration (UKVAC)
All about Saturday Supercade
Arcade Barn
Fiddling With Monitor Convergence (CAUTION!)
Dragon’s Lair Fans Arcade Forum
Alex’s Sheriff Cabinet Pickup Photo Log
Dawn Of The Dead Arcade Scene
Stalking The Retro Podcast
JRok’s Q*Bert Multi Board

Alex’s Score – 17500
Victor’s Score – 18235

Victor’s Fantasy Cabinets List –
Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Bosconian, Asteroids Deluxe, Death Race, Iron Horse, Food Fight, Tazz Mania, Q*Bert

Alex’s Fantasy Cabinets List –
Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Donkey Kong 3, Popeye, Rescue, I, Robot, Sheriff

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