Podcast 101 – Elevator Action & Exed Exes

Weeeeeee’re back! With a bumper podcast reviewing not one, not two, but, oh – actually 2 games. One in a top secret hotel and the other billions of light years away in a massive garden. Probably.

We’ve both been super busy and missed all our lovely listeners, but rest assured 2018 will be arcadtabulous.

Yes, I went there. AND I MEANT IT. Now go and play Robert Smith and the Deadly Chicken Dinner.

We also find out that Shaun is possessed by a Marmot or Marmite?

What We’ve Been Up To Since The Last Podcast – 0:00:00
Arcade News – 25m 45s
Pickups – 37m 09s
Feedback – 49m 31s
Shout Outs! – 1h 12m 55s
Tech Tips – 1hr 16m 23s
Top 100 Games – 1h 22m 47s
Flyer Quiz – 1h 28m 40s
Featured Games Reviews – 1h 33m 34s / 1h 52m 20s
Next Show’s Game – 2h 21m 24s

Elevator Action Flyer (Japanese)
Elevator Action Flyer (US)
Sull’s Blog On Elevator Action
Elevator Action On Strategy Wiki
Exed Exes Flyer (Japanese)
Exed Exes On Strategy Wiki
IGN Review of Exed Exes (Wii)
Retro Asylum Xmas Podcast (featuring beardy fool)
Favourite Jamma Cabs On UKVAC
Monaco GP On FPGA
Frantic Dimension
Namco Tiny Arcade Machines
New House Of The Dead
VAC’ers at EAG Video
‘Roust’ On The Spectrum
Pro(c) Atari Magazine

Top 50 List



Ten Pence Hi-Score League Winners 2017.



Ben Granville 60,500
Taggsta 45,050
Charliefar 41,500
Sull 40,200
Mike Burke 39,200
Sal Bug 38,250
Chris MCBL 35,350
Steve Monkeychunk 33,150
Nik73 32,500
Tronads 32,000
Brian Haribo 28,600
Ian Cullen 27,500
Neil 20to5 25,250
Vincent Marmite 23,500
Mick Orwell 23,000
Flinnster 22,350
HeIsJImmi 21,600
Marc Bell 21,450
BoomGoPinball 20,750
Connor Molloy 16,650
Paul McCaskie 16,050
Shane Hollister 15,500
Lesoleil Dr. Dean 15,000
Brett May 14,500
Mark Happydude 13,150
Karl Parry 12,550
Rob Carpenter 9,150
Andrew Driver 9,150
Tactical Genius 8,500
Steve Tyke 7,200
Mark Clayton 6,700
Matthew Bridge 6,100



Charliefar 1,318,900
Shane Hollister 627,700
Sull 364,400
Ian Cullen 336,700
Marc Bell 308,100
Nik SilverSmurfer 277,800
Matthew Bridge 229,600
Steve Tyke 227,100
Tactical Genius 213,500
Brian Haribo 204,000
Taggsta 195,800
Vincent Marmite 195,000
Paul McCaskie 184,500
Tronads 171,200
Flinnster 146,200
Nik73 125,800
Karl Parry 104,300
Chris MCBL 103,900
Mark Happydude 95,900
Swiss Toni 90,700
BoomGoPinball 89,900
Neil 20to5 83,700
Michael Lis 80,200
Stacey King 75,700
Chris CNP 74,300
Sal Bug 73,700
Connor Molloy 68,200
Tin Brother of Bronze 66,400
HeIsJimmi 55,800
I have no bunghole! 48,800
Mark Clayton 39,800
Damianiw 37,900

Irem’s R Type
ROM: rtype
Lives: 3
Extra Lives: 100K, 200K, 350K, 500K, 700K
Difficulty: Normal

Submit your score on Twitter with #10pScore, or on Facebook as a comment on our podcast post. Pictures please!

Three weeks to play this game, as Vic is in ‘Merica and Shaun is at Play Blackpool when the next recording would be made. Deadline for score submissions is Feb 18th 2018 17:00 UK time.

Check the Ten Pence High Score League Table


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