Arcade Specific Podcasts
Cactus Flacks
Broken Token (includes pinball)
Galloping Ghost (YouTube channel)
Pie Factory
Arcade Heroes (search news feed for new episodes)
Game Room Junkies (includes pinball)
No Quarter
Diary of an Arcade Employee
Arcade Repair Tips (includes pinball)
Arcade Outsiders
Arcade Hunters (includes pinball)

Here are some links to forums that Shaun and Victor belong to.
Arcade Otaku
John’s Arcade
Donkey Kong Forums
Dragon’s Lair Fans
Zaccaria Arcade Machines

Personal / arcade community links
Nintendo Fan Facebook page
Nintendo Fan Youtube Channel
Ten Pence Arcade Facebook Page
Ten Pence YouTube Channel
Arcade Dreams
The Heart Of Gaming Arcade
Retro Games Party
Arcade Club

Some Useful Arcade Links
Crazy Kong Arcade (pin outs, pictures and dip switch info for hundreds of arcade pcbs)
Arcade Museum (part of KLOV)
System 16 (all sorts of information about arcade hardware)
Ultimarc Arcade building parts (Parts for building your own machines)
German Arcade building parts (Parts for building your own machines)
Arcade World UK (Parts for building your own machines)
Arcade Heroes (News site)
Twin Galaxies
The Arcade Flyer Archive
Arcade History (game database)
Hard Candy (Candy cab database)
Arcade Museum Europe (arcade location database)
Shmuplations (Japanese game developer interviews translated)
Internet Pinball Machine Database
Arcade Universe (arcade locations map)

Ten Pence Arcade Approved Podcasts
The Retro Hour
Retro Computing Round Table
Retro Junkies Super Show
2 Dudes and a Nes
You Don’t Know Flack
Retro Mame
Retro Obscura
Mojo Interactive 
Retro Asylum
Sprite Castle
Player Missile
Retro Domination
Vectrex Radio
Dreamcast Junkyard

Get some mugs!
Arcade Mugs


  1. Hello,

    I am a new listener to your podcast and am quite enjoying you guys. I gather you do a ‘should have been’ in the arcade segment every episode. I just wanted to drop off a suggestion for that segment if you like. Mine is Big Mac by Mastertronic for the C=64. I have fond junior high school memories of that game.

    Keep it up!

  2. As always, great podcast guys!
    Re the, should have been at the arcade section.
    Did Starwing ever make it into a cab?
    It’s a Snes Classic an I’d have loved to play it in an upright!

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